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Letting your accommodation?

Letting your accommodation?

You have a second home which you wish to let or you will (temporarily) go abroad and wish to keep your private property. Letting your accommodation through Regio56 Huisvesting will guarantee you that you have arranged everything perfectly.

Is your accommodation suitable for letting?

We let houses in all segments. You can choose between letting furnished or upholstered. It is important that the accommodation is attractive for the target group concerned.

People who will rent an accommodation through Regio56 Huisvesting, must be able to identify themselves. Besides, they must have sufficient financial capacity to pay the monthly rent. We therefore require inspection of the employment contract. In case of doubt, we will carry out a credit check and ask for references of former letters.

If the accommodation is rented on behalf of a company, we require a certificate of the Chamber of Commerce, not older than 6 months. In this case, the rental agreement must be signed by the authorized signer.

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